Journal of Doruk War-Bringer: Entry 1

19 Feb

The journal of Doruk War-Bringer is a simple leather-bound book.  It is remarkably battered, and has an arrow hole through the front cover and the first dozen pages.

It has been sixteen days since the deaths of Jorun and Kommak. The rest of the mercenaries decided to disband after the deaths of their leaders. Were we still in the fortress of the Twin Shields, I would accuse them of cowardice unbefitting of a hobgoblin, but here in High Pass, there are no hobgoblin officers to hear such an accusation, and so I was forced to let them go with nothing worse than a promise to report them should my travels take me back to our ancestral home.

Luckily, work seems to have found me. I had planned to spend another week before returning to the life of an adventurer, but an offer of employment has been made. A local merchant by the name of Thorgrim Okrisson, an elderly dwarf, wished a local iron mine cleared of the monstrous creatures inhabiting it. He has assembled a team, and his skill in acquiring people with the necessary skills for an adventuring group leads me to suspect that the old dwarf is either extremely crafty, or a retired adventurer himself.

The other members of the group seem rather unreliable, but I will give them the chance to prove me wrong. Our trapspringer is a human calling herself Belladonna. I am unsure whether she is named for the old human word meaning beautiful woman, or the old word for the plant Deadly Nightshade. I am almost positive that she is a common criminal, but I suppose I cannot complain, assuming she has the skills to breach any security measures we encounter. Our frontline warrior is an enormous lout. I am fairly certain that this Lug fellow is mentally handicapped. I am uncomfortable trusting in him to protect the rest of us. Thankfully, the swordman Ranliss should be competent enough to act as a failsafe measure, should Lug prove to be too dim-witted to do his job. I expect Ranliss to focus on protecting his partner, the elf witch Sylvir, but that is acceptable. I believe they may be romantically entangled, but I am unsure. He seems very protective of her. My ancestors would disapprove of teaming up with a pair of elves, and would be furious that one is a spellcaster, but these are unusual times, and hobgoblins must adapt if we are to remain strong.

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