Belladonna’s Big Book of Banditry: Entry 1

24 Feb

“Belladonna’s Big Book of Banditry?” I think not, unless stealing a woman’s pretty diary and writing in it after ripping out the pages written by the woman counts as banditry, though I wouldn’t really call myself a bandit even then. I just couldn’t seem to be able to think of another word for adventure beginning with the letter B.

As much as I enjoy travelling, the fun wears thin when the travelling goes on too long. Flying free would be better if there were a nest to fly back to occasionally. This life of mine is so difficult. Though I managed to get the High Pass guards off my back after being seen stealing a fruit early in the morning today, I seem to be getting myself into yet more trouble.

Tired as I was of all the hiding, I decided to take a little time off at an inn nearby. As I walked in, I couldn’t help but notice a young nobleman sitting in the corner playing cards with numerous patrons, defeating each of them one by one and robbing them of their coin. I say robbing because I know when a man has an ace hidden up his sleeve, both metaphorically and, such as this man, literally. Well, since I also carry a few tricks up my sleeve, I decided it was time the tricky scoundrel was also robbed of all his stolen fortune. Oh and how his face turned red with fury when he lost all his fortune to me. He didn’t expect to lose to a woman, so I made him pay for underestimating me with his ill-gotten wealth. I shall never be able to wipe the memory of him yelling at me, saying I was cheating. He never stated how I was cheating as I believe he never discovered my methods. The sweet taste of victory did not last long, however, as the bastard had a Plan B in case his cheating failed. It wasn’t until then that I noticed three bulky men sitting on a table very close to where the bastard was sitting. I wouldn’t have thought that the bastard was a noble with bodyguards. Even though they were a foot or two taller than me, I refused to hand over the coin I earned with much effort and my sleight of hand. It did not belong to him, it belonged to the people he robbed the coin off of, and that was exactly where it would be returning to.

Thankfully, while I was trying to convince the men, a witch seated within the inn hurried to my rescue, freezing the feet of big man standing right in front of me, making way for my escape. I didn’t plan on sticking long, but I was thrown back into the inn, on a table. And yes, that quite hurt. Due to my dizziness, I don’t quite remember all the details, but what I do remember is waking up to a man who not only did away with the nobleman and his lackeys, but also decided he wanted to hire me, along with the Witch and her companion, both of whom are of elven origin.

The man, if only I could remember his name, hired us also gave us rooms to stay. I met up with the remaining members of the party. There’s a big human, called Lug, who looks somewhat stupid. HE YELL AND SPEAK LIKE DIS. IT KINDA FUNNY. I do not understand the reason why he acts and speaks the way he I does. Quite possibly, it has something to do with the big scar on his forehead. I wonder where he got that. The other members include some guy named “War-bringer,” which, I can’t say I like very much. He meant to be a healer, but he’s a hob-goblin. I do not know why but I do not like the sound of that. And then there is the elf maiden that saved my hide, Sylvir, along with her companion, Ranliss. Sylvir seems somewhat shy. I’m supposed to be sharing my room when her, but she’s just been staring out the window for I do not know how long, so it seems as if I were the only person in this room. I would like to admit that it was brave of her to step in to save me. But, I’m not sure what I have done to make her furious enough to not speak to me at all. And her companion, Ranliss, seems like he’s ready to die defending Sylvir. I think that’s both a good thing as well as a bad thing.

Only time will tell what happens tomorrow. I look forward to clearing that mine.

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