The Cast

Human Rogue
Not originally from High Pass, Belladonna was running from something when she arrived in the city. She freely admits that Belladonna is a pseudonym, but flatly refuses to tell anyone what her real name is. Regardless of what secrets her past may hold, she is a talented thief, and sees adventuring as a way to stay safe from anyone coming looking for her.

Sylvir the Ice Maiden:
Elf Witch
Originally from a secluded peak near the valley of the World Tree, the holy site of the druids, Sylvir was forced to flee the relative safety of the region when she refused to convert to the druidic religion.  Enraged that someone else might tap into the magic of the land around the oldest tree in the world, the druids drove her into the demon-infested wilds.  She and Ranliss have turned to adventuring to stay alive, and have proven to be a capable duo.

Ranliss Falaron:
Elf Duelist
Once a member of the druidic faith, Ranliss abandoned it along with the safety of the World Tree Valley when the druids sent Sylvir into the wilderness.  A grimly noble sort, he felt that sending anyone into the dangers of the unprotected lands between strongholds was as bad as killing them outright.  Giving up safety and comfort, he took up a dueling blade and set out as Sylvir’s self-appointed protector.

Doruk War-Bringer:
Hobgoblin Warpriest
Descended from the hobgoblin army that sided with the dwarves of the Twin-Shield fortress against demonic invaders, Doruk War-Bringer is a perfect example of hobgoblin religion: brutal, efficient, and with absolutely no sense of humor.  Dispensing healing spells with one hand and swinging a mace with the other, Doruk turned to adventuring as a means of practicing both skills.  As a follower of a dead god, Doruk has no idea who or what is answering his prayers, but as long as it results in dead demons and monsters, he honestly doesn’t care.

Human Brute
Lug is simple, in all connotations of the word.  He’s willing to do anything he’s paid to do, and given that he’s bigger and dumber than anything short of an ogre, most of his jobs involve hitting people very hard.  He has become well-known around the city of High Pass as a thug for hire, and most people clear out when he shows up with the stout piece of timber he calls “tree.”  People that don’t usually end up hit with the tree.


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